Life in Blue Jeans……

Brigitte Bardot—dark denim:  ‘A paragon of European ‘60’s chic, Brigitte Bardot was known to favor (and fill out) her all-American 501 jeans. The French beauty proves the timelessness of the right denim.  A dark denim jean that fits like a dream should be an essential must-have in your closet.’ — From the Miche blog

My new life is basically going to consist of 31 different ways to wear blue jeans…Lather, Rinse, repeat. So I decided to look for styles that would make me feel dressed enough everyday yet comfortable and of course ……… going for chic.

Here is a week at a glance to get me started.   I think you may also be able to use these looks by simply walking over to your closet and re-styling what you already own.  I know it is in there so go find it.  Saves you a trip to the store (during the holidays) and saves you $$$ cash!

Day 1

I will start with my  favorite cardigan in a nice neutral color:

A white tank top

A beautiful deep blue scarf

A woven bag (I am in Florida so that’s ok) and an easy pair of ballet flats

Day 2

I love any kind of layering, especially raincoats!

My clients often ask if you can wear denim on top and on bottom.  Here is a perfect example…Dark, dark denim and a light chambray shirt.   A great look…..

Now where is that shirt that I had?  I know it is       somewhere…….ARGH!!!

Day 3

I love the whole darn look here.  The boxy jacket is perfect after a night at my favorite restaurant………OK, it was DQ………but you know what I mean!

Easy breezy and I absolutely love the red tote bag for a pop of color!



Day 4

Here is a great way to wear animal print and just show up at the party looking relaxed, casual but very chic.

You don’t have to stand there with your arm up unless you really want to.  It does look good.



Day 5

I love wearing a blazer with jeans.  It just really makes everything look polished and easy.

The scarf is a nice pattern that sort of blends the jacket and the linen knit top together. Just don’t trip over it as it will ruin the look you are going for,









Day 6

Italian for dinner tonight?  Awesome…….let me grab my fancy lace top!  I am all set!

When was the last time you wore that big wide belt? Give it a try… really does look amazing and will even hold up your jeans…..leave an extra notch for afterwards!


Day 7

This is pretty much what I want to wear everyday……

Sunscreen, sunglasses, a white tank top, a nice slouchy cardigan made out of soft cozy cotton and my favorite ballet flats.

Add a dog, and a cute suede clutch bag and you are all set.







Hope you enjoyed and got at least inspired to add a layer, add an accessory or just add a dog………..but try something different to your life in Blue Jeans!

See you next week!

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