Shop in your very own boutique……..your closet!

The one thing I came to realize as a Personal Shopper and stylist for the past years…… everything you have is usually right there in your closet.    Recently, I traveled to a client’s home to spend a few days in her closet…… is the process that we used to re-style her existing closet.





Step one:   EVERYTHING OUT!  All handbags, shoes, boots, and all hanging clothes.  If you have a garment rack, (bed bath and beyond for about $50…..don’t forget your coupon) you will get the job done easily. Put a plain sheet over your bed and lay out your accessories such as belts, scarves and purses.  Along the walls line up all of your shoes and boots, sandals and gym shoes.





Step two: EVERYTHING out of the lovely designer shoe boxes, cleaning bags, garment bags and tupperware bins! If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it!





Step three: All tanks, tops, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, and coats organized by category.  It is important to first organize all of your clothes and then go to step four. You may find something during the process that you forgot about or that looks fabulous with a new recent piece.   Also, try on everything!  If it doesn’t fit it needs to go.  If it has a dust line over the hangar, you know it’s been in there more than a few seasons with no interest.  Hanging on to items because we paid too much (but had to have, yet never wore) is just a bad reminder that you made a poor choice.  Let it go!





Step four:  Make four piles. The Great Closet Clean-Out is your first step. Tim “Make It Work” Gunn, fashion guru, advises you to divide your clothes into four piles: throw out, give away, repair, and soul-stirring. Get rid of clothes in the first two piles and take the clothing in the repair pile to a tailor.






Step five: ALL HANGARS need to be uniform.  You don’t need to go out and spend a lot on space saving hangars (but they are fab). Just stick to one kind throughout for tops and one kind for bottom.





Step six: Here is what my client’s closet looked like after editing, organizing, re-styling, re-inventing and changing a few hangars.  She just fell in love with everything in it for the second time.  No shopping required!

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