Some summer fun in Wisconsin…..

Setting up and staging a Huge Garage/Estate sale is a lot of fun, can be very rewarding and an easy way to make quick money. Most items are no longer loved nor needed by one yet widely sought after by another.


On my website, I offer a service of setting up and preparing estate (or garage) sales for those that may have recently lost a loved one, downsizing as an empty nester or maybe even single again and cannot think of parting with their items…….yet need to do so.  Over the early summer months my brother in law and I prepared our own giant garage sale in his huge outbuilding with 3 levels.  We had years and years of stuff dating back to the 70’s, most of it junk yet a few hidden gems hidden here and there.  All together it took 5 days of preparing and the sale ran  2 days on the weekend before the 4th of July!

My husband Mark is now my stager, quickly turning a stacked up disaster in to a living room set up.  He really had a knack for it.
My sister in law Debbie is my cashier and bagger. Oh what fun we had when the doors opened and Mark placed the signs strategically throughout the neighborhood.  We made $885.00 our first day.
Our Friend Gus was there too and set up shop on his own level.  Gus made over $700 the first day.  All total……..almost $1600.00.
It is great fun to get to know the stories of the people that pull up and come in to your garage.  We got to know a few.  Sue and Betty, Rick and Brock were our favorites.  Brock was our top buyer of two thermometers.  What a collector!  What a great place to spend our summers and gather with friends new and old as we retire.   Next summer I will be officially retired with Mark…….no more Michigan Ave……unless I can find one up der North.
Day 2 of Garage sale
Day 2 was a bit slower. We did have a few repeat customers which I loved seeing!!!  Many people said we had the best garage sale they had ever been to.  With 3 levels and a variety of antiques, Beatles stuff, shabby chic, clothes and you name it we had a little something for everyone. Few left empty handed, but there were some die hard GS-ers that were focused and specific.  They were able to walk away.  Amazing!
We had a lot of neighbors and locals from the Chetek, Wi. area.   Mark and I even have a few new friends that we may see in Sarasota for golf.  Sher and Bill came yesterday and bought a few new things for their Bar area. He bought our Hamms Beer lighted waterfall sign with a moving scene.  Although some parts were broken, many inquiries by other lookers felt that Bill got a good price. We will soon go and visit them and the sign with a cold beer in hand!
Jim and I made almost $1,000.  Our friend Gus pulled in a pretty big hail too!   We even got a return!  Haha!  We promised customer satisfaction and stood behind it! After rummaging through all of our stuff a nice fresh Wet-Wipe was waiting as our customers exited!
Hosting a garage sale is hard work and very personal! When someone is going through your things you want to tell the story……some people were nice and listened. Here is a picture of Sher and Bill.  They returned today to pick up their loot.  What a nice couple.
Let me know if you have any questions about hosting your own sale but here are a few tips….
1 – start saving grocery bags and cardboard boxes and any recycle bags.
2 – get stickers from the dollar store and start stickering as you place things in to the garage for the sale.  6 months in advance will save you time later.  Do it as you go.
3 – Run an ad in the local paper.
4 – Get flyers around the neighborhood to spread the word.
5 – Save your change a few months out and the day before go to the bank and get
paper money – $50 in singles and $50 in 5’s.  You will need it!
6 – Get sturdy signs posted.  6 around the neighborhood and 1 on the corner and 1
right in front with an arrow – Say something catchy!
7 – Post a HUGE sign where everyone can see “Not responsible for any injuries……shop at your own risk.”
8 – Be friendly and welcome people as they are stepping up – it can be awkward walking up to a group of homeowners on their property.
Good Luck and remember to just have a good time!

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