Go easy!

Whether traveling across the US or abroad………why not make it simple and streamlined?  We often spend far too much time packing and re-packing, making sure we have everything we will need in case of a snowstorm, hurricane or heat wave.  I have chatted with many clients through the years about how stressful it is for them to pack when traveling.

Here are some simple tips from a new favorite …..   www.travelista.com


I don’t know about you but I want these items in my suitcase the next time I go to Paris or New York (if even in my dreams).    Wow!  Everything to mix and match while looking stylish and put together.

Who knew it could be so easy? I don’t see any undies, bras or socks so I will just leave that to your discretion.

Why not splurge and get a few new pieces of sexy lingerie to tour around the city?

You decide but be prepared!




Here is the list in a nutshell:


Little Black dress – keep it simple so you can wear multiple ways                                 Black blazer – slightly structured to dress up or down                                             Trenchcoat – classic short or 3/4 will go with everything shown                                     Animal print blouse (or geometric, floral….etc.)                                                      Darkrinse jeans – skinny or bootcut……whatever style you love!                                Black silk tunic                                                                                                                     Striped long sleeve or 3/4 layering t-shirt or silk top                                                    Black leggings                                                                                                                   Black silk or cotton t shirt                                                                                               Black silk or cotton tank top (looser and longer the better for layering)                       Nude silk or cotton t shirt                                                                                              Little black skirt either short or pencil

Shoes and Accessories   

Boots – I like that she shows Cognac boots which can go with everything and anything!Sneakers – make them funky like keds high tops, LL Bean deck shoes or animal print Sandals – again just neutral such as nude or even metallic such as bronze               Ballet flats – make it simple and go with black or nude                                              Satchel to hold everything – Black or Cognac                                                              Little black clutch bag (hopefully with a hidden strap inside)                                      Belts – one woven neutral and one simple skinny black                                          Fabulous scarf (prefer wool if not allergic for added warmth) in a deep color or pattern    Fashion Jewelry to give it some sass.  One long pendant and one short chunky!           Hat – Even if only for added protection…….can’t do floppies?  Add a Baseball cap       Bracelet in a fabulous metal, leather or beaded ……make it eye catching!                   Sunglasses of course!  Protect those peepers ladies

Now to make it even easier to pack, and even lighter………you can travel in……

Jeans, Tank, Tunic, Belt, Pendant, Hat, Scarf, Trench and Boots while carrying the Satchel filled with your makeup bag (keep it light and 3 oz.) and other hidden gems. 

DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!  and by all means… Have a great time!                                                


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