Rainy days and Mondays…………

As a stylist and a lover of toddlers and kids in general,  I live vicariously through my clients to feature some of the cutest little stylish rainwear out there for kids!

As a kid, my most favorite memories are of running outside to splash in the huge puddles after a rainstorm and if we were lucky, we got to put some hail in the freezer.  I remember my very first raincoat which was a basic yellow slicker, but I thought I was the cat’s meow when I wore it to school in the second grade. I wore it if even the slightest chance of rain.

Kids remember so many things but their memories of clothing……..or maybe just Halloween costumes will last a lifetime.   These are some of my favorite rainwear looks for the little ones.  Enjoy!






adorable!……..can you tell I have mostly neices?  But my Alex has my heart and I can totally see him in the Batman boots or the Fireman slicker.

I know you girls absolutely know where to get these items for the precious ones………but a few sites I saw and loved were…splish splash and Zulily….Target, Walmart and of course my beloved Bloomingdale’s have plenty of cute kids clothes.



So when you are shopping for the kids clothes……make it memorable for them.  If they are having fun in it……they will remember the moment…….and so will you!

Don’t forget Spot the dog!








2 thoughts on “Rainy days and Mondays…………

  1. Hi Joyce,
    I look forward every Monday to your blog. After reading your Rainy days and Mondays, I want to put on my Hunter boots (bought with you at Bloomingdales!)
    and go jump in some mud puddles!! I will have to wait til spring though, it’s time for making snowmen here in midwest. hahaha!

  2. Like Leslie, I look forward to your Monday entries. Alex currently rocks a pair of camo rain boots. And he and his sister like nothing more than playing outside, no matter what the weather, so appropriate outfitting is necessary. Luckily, they have an aunt with impeccable taste and a generous heart.

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