Shabby or Chic?

This week I want to share one of my Home Decor projects.  Though I have done just a few, each time I finish gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  Believe me……going from 85 mph an hour at bloomingdale’s to 15mph (number may be slightly high) here in Florida  retirement-ville…….well, let’s just say if it wasn’t 80 degrees and sunny most every day, I may be feeling a little less euphoric.  But alas………there is much to do indeed both inside and out!

This week in preparation for a new patio, I have decided to buy used furniture and recycle it.   In fact, I am getting used to recycling most everything here. Getting used patio furniture on craigslist, at thrift stores or garage sales,  is really easy and  inexpensive.  I snagged the two chairs in this feature from a garage sale this past weekend for $5 each.  My husband Mark had visions of some REALLY BIG CUSHIONY patio furniture, but that was not my vision at all.  Everything I envision has to have a beachy kind of feel to it. Charming, sweet and vintage.

I thought the chili pepper motif on the chair pads was kind of cute, but it was plastic (not your friend when wearing shorts in Florida) and there was a nail poking through the pad.

Some of you may know that my 90 year old mother Gloria is here for a visit.   Gloria decided after 5 years of not sewing that she might like to go back to embroidering.  So off we went to “Hobby Lobby”……..yes, that is really the name.  While we were looking for panels, thread and some souvenirs for her senior friends at weekly bingo,  I decided I might take a look at some fabric to cover the chili peppers.  I found a nice “H” design that reminded me of Hermes……and I thought, this looks beachy (nautical in a way..) so I bought a yard of it for $6.99.  Then I got a package of foam for the chair cushions for $5.49 and I thought…….so far I am in to these chairs $17.48.  Not bad.   I like to paint things in a high gloss white.  Rustoleum High Gloss White paint would be about $4.  I needed two cans.  So about $26 for the two chairs.  I had hoped  to spend no more than $40 on the chairs.  Mission accomplished!

I went out to the back of the house and sprayed the two chairs about 3 coats within about 3 hours.  They came out shiny and sparkling.   Later I went to my studio space (the garage is now my do anything area) and I decided to take all the staples and the old stuff off the chair cushions before putting on my new foam and fabric.  That was a mistake.  There were at least 50 staples in each chair and the old foam was glued on.    Anyhooooooooo, I finally got the new foam and fabric lined up and began covering my seats for my little white antique, iron chairs.   It was just like stretching a canvas.  Easy as pie!

Finally came the time to screw the chair pads back on to the chairs, flip them over and admire my finished product!  What do you think?

SHABBY?                           Or CHIC?





Stay tuned for the rest of the patio and the furniture to go with it!   I will be back at the garage sales and thrifting all next week!






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