Bag lady organized!


Have you ever known anyone that is totally put together, completely and utterly organized and poised at all times?  Ready at the draw in an instant to answer her cell, apply a fresh coat of lip gloss, and ……..wait for it……POWDER HER NOSE?           I mean really?  We carry powder and puff…….it’s always in there just in case you need a mirror.  But when was the last time you actually looked in there to be greeted by a crumbled mess?   Not very Audrey like wouldn’t you say?


I want to look and appear organized, poised and as cool as a cucumber, even if I am falling apart at the hinges…….who cares?

But it seems to me that I can empty my handbag once a day, or once every few hours and it just never stays organized!!!  And I am the closet organizer, the home organizer, the husband organizer, yet, even my husband says to me……

……….”looks great right now but I will see you in a few hours…”

So I started looking at those purse organizers and thought…….hmmmm, that seems a bit like the tool bucket liner that I bought at Home Depot for half the price.

bucket organizer


Tool Bucket Liner









Purse organizer



So I thought…… I really want to add a purse to my purse?  Not so much……

Last weekend I decided to dump the contents of my purse out on to the bed.

Here is what I had in there……….

A wallet with id, credit cards, cash and coin, Business cards and leather carry case,  cell phone, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss picks, trident gum, nail file, bandaids, Neosporin, 1 stay free liner, hand cream,  pill box, 6 lipsticks (which I hardly even appy one of), shea butter lip balm, my mac compact, my bobbi brown touch stick, my blush brush, my Clinique soft brown brow liner, my benefit brow-zings shaping kit, my Estee Lauder BB daywear crème, YSL volume effects black mascara, Mac brown down eye shadow pot and Trish eye shadow slim line brush, Kleenex, sunglasses, reading glasses, wet ones, tape measure, eye drops, contact case,  my trusty vintage papermate pen. Almonds (my new favorites are .99cents at Walgreens!).

All of these items were thrown in to my bag only to reappear after much effort and digging while looking totally and completely unorganized and well………..not very Audrey like. I mean……..I can’t even find my cell phone in time to answer it.  And yes, I do have the volume turned up to the maximum so I can hear it.  So what’s the problem?

There is no problem…….I just never really took the time to think about it.  Plain and simple.

So for the past week I have been living in an organized world (at least when it comes to my handbag).  I added 4 simple items – a small zipper case for my contact stuff….a zip lock snack bag for my personal stuff like bandaids, floss sticks and first aid and a nice size “gift with purchase” make up bag (I have a billion of them).  I eliminated some of the lipsticks and just kept my favorite color by bobbi brown – Blackberry.  I kept my favorite gloss by Mac – Viva glam and a Clinique glosswear – Mystic. My toothpaste and friends now have a bag to keep them clean.

Here is how it all came together



Zip lock snack bag for first aid.

Zipper case for toothpaste, floss picks, toothbrush and Binaca blast.

Jeepers creepers, all for peepers?



Zipper case for my contacts and drops.

Reading glasses in a case.

Sunglasses in a case that also attaches to my bike basket.





Make up stays zipped up in here. When I don’t need it (for yoga, or bike riding or golf) I just take it out and put  it back in my vanity drawer.







All of these items fit in my bucket bag.  I now put the cell in the front pocket where it belongs but everything else can be easily reached at a moments need!



Sooooooooooo, Audrey like!    For more fun Bag Lady stuff and ways you CAN use a purse organizer,  click on   ellen

See you next week!

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