Fashion week comes to Englewood!!!

oscar the man

Here in Florida……well, there were no Runway shows in my neck of the woods (I am no where near Miami)……….but the weather was fine!  In fact perfect for showcasing Fashion on the Runway.  But of course if you are not in New York …….you are nowhere.

So I hosted my own fashion week right here on my computer.  It was great!  Sun shining through the French doors, an occasional “Walk” to my patio.  A cold glass of Sierra Nevada every now and then.  A nice afternoon nap.  Another clip of a great collection, and so on………

I might be partial to a few designers based on the fact that I had the pleasure to get to know them, or pretended to while stealing my photo op……..but my favorite this year was by far……..Oscar de la Renta.   He is amazing and charming and manages to continue to be classic while adding style after style that women covet.


Here are just a few………..

oscar stunning!


I don’t know about you, but if I were planning to attend a black tie, wear black to my daughter’s wedding (if I actually had a daughter) then this would be the dress I would wear.  What a classic!  The hair, the makeup…the bangle.  Devine!









Let’s see…….where could I wear this dress and jacket?  hmmmmmmm, I know! I know!!!!! To my best friend’s wedding!!!

Of course that is me (pretending) in the picture and that is who would be wearing that outfit to the wedding.  It would be in New York and everyone else would be in Black…….so yesterday!

Check out the bag and shoes!



oscar a6

I have always wanted to wear a ball gown.  I have always wanted to attend the Zoo ball in Chicago.

This black and white stripe would be ideal for me (pretending  again) at the Zoo ball.  I would switch up the necklace to some sort of wild animal print chain in 18K Gold with hot jewels and be the belle of the ball!  (assuming I was the girl in the picture).







Here is my favorite look of all time…….it does not scream DESIGNER, LOOK AT ME or any of the other reasons most girls buy designer.  It quietly says…….I am gorgeous, I am fabulous, I have the afternoon to myself and I am going to have lunch alone with a good book and a glass of Sierra Nevada…….at The Four Seasons, on the terrace,  somewhere warm and breezy.




Here is one of my favorite photos the first time I met Oscar in New York.  I was working at Neiman Marcus and was invited to an after party and guess who was there?  You got it, Oscar himself.  He was releasing a new CD and he even sang a few of the songs that were featured.  I think he was asking me to be his Muse….or something like that.



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