shutter for your clutter?

Anyone that knows me has probably figured out that I like shabby chic.  Anything white…white towels, white bedding, lots of pillows, cushy, comfy…….refurbished furniture with a bit of chipped paint. Anything with a rustic look to it.

Recently I was pinning…….my favorite pastime has become Pinterest.  I stumbled on an idea for concealing clutter on a bulletin board.  It was so clever and added an element of days gone by, a soft breeze blowing in the window and a long lazy nap (usually after a nice pint of Sierra Nevada!)

bulletin board or cover for air conditioner


I knew right then and there that I had to have a set of shutters!  I really didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I set out to find a pair.  After a few days of garage sales and thrifting, I came up empty.  I decided to look on ebay and there they were!



 ebay shutters


Ok, so now what? They arrived and looked perfect.  Just what I wanted…….so I put them in the garage and promised my husband that I had an idea for them.  He of course thought I was crazy……….but I knew I would come up with one (an idea) at some point……..

One afternoon while I was trying to get ideas for my beachy back porch, I looked over and cringed at the sight of the ugly air conditioner on the wall.   What could I do to hide that?………..let’s see,……………………




UGLY isn’t it?   Then it came to me as I was sitting there in disbelief……..


I went to work on it immediately……….MARK!!! Where are you?  I found a use for the shutters!!!!

Listen, I am just the idea person, not the executioner……..I needed Mr. Woodman to help me get those shutters on the wall.

As Mark began working on a box to then attach the shutters to,  I went to work on my shutters.

I absolutely do not like brass hardware.





After removing and cleaning the hardware I put it aside until later.  I will paint it a dark bronze metallic to match other hardware throughout the house.





I then took out my little Black and Decker electric sander that I got for Christmas……(yes, it’s true….no Fendi bag this year). And I thought, I will paint these shutters a bright beachy color…… but first let’s sand them.  To my surprise they actually took on a real vintage feel, and I just could not bring myself to paint them.

Now, what else could I put on the wall with the shutters to get that beachy feel?   The following week I volunteered at the Methodist church in Englewood. They were getting ready for their annual Garage Sale and it turns out it was one of the biggest garage sales I had ever been to.  Almost like going to Kane County flea Market but only a mile from my house instead of a two hour road trip.

methodist garage sale 003


Outside tents went all around the perimeter of the church grounds. What fun and very organized too!







methodist garage sale 008



Inside there were rows and rows of tables with most items $1 or under.





That should be a whole other blog………ok, back to my shutters.   I found the tent that had artwork and it was chock full of goodies.  As I perused through the art, all of which were under $3,  I found two adorable little pieces that were done locally by Englewood artists.  Will Long and Betty Cooke.

Here is a photo of my finished wall and day bed.  Beachy?   Just peachy!!!!!




Next on the horizon?  Hiding cords of course!

See you next week.

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