leather weather……


Back in the 80’s, there were leather clothing stores popping up all over the country. Leather was in and HOT!  I can honestly say that I had a whole closet full of leather.  I worked for a company called Tannery West for 12 years, so of course I acquired a great collection.  You name it, I had it……pants, skirts, tops, shorts, and a leather dress that a buyer named the “Joyce Dress” after me. Back then we flew all over the country to understand the product, get clear direction of the way the store was to look visually, and one seminar after another of $100,000 speakers teaching us how to be leaders, and how to make the sale. After the seminars, the drinks came out and the rest is a blur. But oh there were some stories.  (That’s a whole other blog).

The prices were low, compared to our high end competitor, North Beach Leather, but the quality and the styles were comparable.  So the business thrived for a long time……..until Wilson’s the Leather Experts brought in their cardboard leather……..and that was the beginning of the end.

THANK GOD!!!!!!!! Here are just a few of the ads and items that were shown back then. Take a look at the shoulder pads and the hair on the guys….too funny!


t2 t5 t6 t8













So the above items were sold to snappy guys and they headed out to the clubs, and danced to Lionel Ritchie……..”what a feeling, dancing on the ceiling?  For real.  (I may have been witness to this, ummmmmmmmm).

Whew………a little trip down memory lane.  Of course they sold women’s clothing as well but I just had too much fun posting the guy stuff.  Because the truth is, they really wore it and were dead serious about it!

OK………back to 2013………….

It’s that time of year…..hopefully for everyone very soon…..A short window of time in spring to be able to look stylish and be comfortable.  No heavy down parkas…..no snow boots….but break out those rain boots, and hang on to those scarves, and pair em with a cool leather jacket and you are good to go.

spring style

If you live in Florida or someplace where the average temp is 75 and sunny….then you wear shorts and rock out those rain boots, (assuming your legs are up for the challenge). The photo above shows a perfect look to do that.

But for everyday dressing……here are just a few ideas of ways to wear a leather jacket in 2013.  Everyone should have just one. There is even have a vegan leather jacket shown from Free People for those of you that don’t wear leather.  Something for everyone!  Get something that speaks to you.  For me, I got rid of all my leather in the 90’s.  I had just had enough and got sick of it.  I sold or traded most of it in clothing swap meets (hosted back then by yours truly).

marc by marc Jett


Love this little Red Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket.

She looks fabulous in her shorts but a pair of skinny jeans and boots might be more what I was thinking.

Keep the white t-shirt as it makes it a bit less matchy match.  Wear ballet flats for a softer look.





This little studded jacket looks sweet and innocent on our model here.  She has a pair of leather shorts and softens the look with a white top.

I am hoping she chose a pair of distressed cowboy boots to finish the look.  The shades are perfect too!






This is my favorite look.  A rich soft burgundy leather paired with a chunky gray flannel scarf and some gorgeous shades.

I especially  like it pulled together with a pair of low rise jeans and that fabulous 2 inch metallic belt.

Belts are back on the runways and I love to see them as another layer to add interest!

Keep it simple with a crew neck black 3 dot t-shirt.




tory burch

If you want to go to the safe side…….this is a no brainer.  Tory Burch makes it and I would love to see it with a white t-shirt some ripped up faded jeans and a snakeskin belt with metallic flats.

Definitely not to be worn as shown…….





free pe

If you are vegan, then Free People is your vendor.

This is a faux shearling look.  Very practical, still warm but much lighter weight and no guilt whatsoever!

Love it!




rick owens

If you are still cold out there in the Great North, then perhaps you might like to rock out this Rick Owens shearling leather jacket.

So soft you have to ask to touch it.  But before you go to IKRAM or Blake to pick one up, you may want to stop at the bank.  You will need some extra cash for this one!

Drop dead gorgeous!




leather chambrey adn plaid

distressed leather jacket…….

Chambray shirt…….

plaid shirt…….

faded blue jeans….

mix em all together……






Here is a style by Helmut Lang.

My friend recently visited me here in Florida and showed me her new leather jacket that she saw on a mannequin.  Only Lynne can wear the size 2 that they use on them.

She was thrilled with her find and wears it proudly!



Now that I am down in Florida, I decided that it was time to return to my roots……….

I bought this bright orange, soft as silk leather jacket on sale at bloomingdales for $217.92!

Original price was $699.00

I see it with my faded jeans, some gladiator sandals and what else……..a white t-shirt!



See you next week!




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  1. So…. thought I would check out the blog of my new BFF across the street tonight!
    Love it and going to send the link to my fashionista youngest daughter.

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