Lime Green for now………

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Now that I am in Florida and tuned in to the HGTV channel 24/7, I realize that it is time to get going on some fun projects.  Recently, I started painting a few pieces of furniture to add a bit of COLOR to my otherwise black, khaki and white palette.  So far, I am thrilled with the results.

5 important ingredients for excellent results:

Small electric sander / Kilz primer / High gloss paint in color of your choice /            Good paint brushes / 3 inch roller and roller brushes


I painted two pieces that my husband made by hand for me:

1 – A small desk to keep our computer on (since we had sold our house and all furniture was moved to Florida and Wisconsin).

2 – A small stool to use in the house for a number of things……with a notch to scoop it up with.

The desk is made of pine and  the stool (originally designed for the shower) is made of cedar

First step:

Take any piece of furniture and give it a good sanding.  If there is hardware, take it all off before starting.

Next step:

I always have a gallon of Kilz on hand because it really is necessary for most any painting if you want your finished product to come out smooth.   The entire piece needs to be coated with Kilz.  One coat should be more than fine, unless you have water marks or stains on the item, such as the top of a side table.  In this case, give the top a second coat.   Important: LET DRY OVERNIGHT……..Patience is really a virtue and will turn out a nice finished product.

Next step:

With a brush, paint the entire piece the color you have selected. Start with the underside of the item. Again, my choice is always high gloss for furniture and molding around doorways, flooring, etc.  It just looks so sleek.  But you can use a flat finish if you wish.    Let this coat dry for a few hours and apply a second coat.  For the top of the item, you can take a roller to even out the brush strokes and leave a smooth even surface.

006 - Copy

This is what the beginning sort of looks like.  Don’t get discouraged as it will come out gorgeous!  I started the project with some leftover apple green but didn’t really love it.  So I picked up the lime green to finish.  At least it was primed and ready for the final coat.


Not bad huh?

And look at the sweet little stool that I use near my desk for my files, or just to spread out a bit.  (Ok……I put my beer on it).






Stay tuned for next week as I am working on a garage workshop for my paints, hardware, sander, tools, gardening stuff and sewing machine, all in one spot and ready to go!



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