Oh……….cut it out!!!!!

for closet makeovers

I have been here in Southwest Florida now for almost 6 months.  What have I learned in such a short time?

1. Retirement is just a long vacation from your job.

2. There is no reason to live in the Midwest unless you have a career there.

3. Being “theclosetconsult” means nothing to retirees. Thrift stores and Wal marts are about the only games in town.

So…………..that said, I decided to do my little closet here on Mel O De Lane.              Walk in closets don’t exist here, so I get an 8’x4′ space, some dresser drawers and that is it.

Also, everything here feels “DAMP” because the humidity is a bit high.  But with that you get, naturally curly hair (whether you like it or not) and, your nails and skin look better than ever.  No dry, cracked hands. In fact, I have not used hand lotion in months.  Just sunscreen after I shower with a bit of my new favorite fragrance,

“Flower Bomb lotion”……………..love this lotion as my signature fragrance! Perfect!








Anyhoo…………I was bored this week, and my sister is coming to stay, and I wanted to have some dresser drawers for her, so I decided that I would hire “theclosetconsult.” She was FABULOUS!!!!  (if I do say so myself).

After she purged everything she ever owned in Chicago, (thanks ebay!)  she had a pile of clothes and a very organized and clean closet.

My husband says it is all about the maintenance, but I like the idea of change……..so I just change every so often.

clothes pileHere is a nice pile of clothes no longer needed for Florida.

Here is my new organized closet.  It might not be fancy, but this is Florida, and it suits me just fine.  I am going to get very used to this lifestyle.

blob april 7 004blob april 7 005








blob april 7 001blob april 7 002








See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Oh……….cut it out!!!!!

  1. Wow- I love the quote at the start of your blog! I was just thinking about this very thing today as I am trying to figure out where to put all of the displaced clothes now that my mother has moved in and needed closet space. I can now hit my own closet using this rule and make SPACE!!!

    Love you ClosetConsult!

  2. Joyce, I so look forward to all your blog postings. I now have my purse organized and many other things as I get inspired by you. I love your workshop and can’t wait to see it when I get there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow Joyce! You really have adapted to the Florida life quickly! Think of all the “newbe” Florida people you can help with your supreme closet knowledge!!!

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