the perfect frame up!

My husband and I have done a lot of remodeling in this old cinder block home built in 1961.  Last year we sealed up some old windows that were left behind after my father closed up the carport and built his garage.  For whatever reason, the patch left by our contractor was never really evened out on the wall.  I always figured a bit of artwork would cover it.  Not so much……

interior and exterior 003

If you look closely you will see the big square where a window used to be.  It looks much worse when you are in front of it.  So………what to do.

One day while walking through Home Goods……(my favorite shopping experience of all things HOME)………I walked smack dab into this……..


This photo doesn’t really bring to life the shiny gold trim on this huge medallion.  The dimensions were about 50×50″…….pretty sizeable.  The Gold Trim and Green were a bit too pronounced. In fact, downright hideous.  I thought about it for about 1/2 hour as I shopped for a few other items that I needed.  There was only one,  but I knew it would still be there if I wanted it later.  I made a decision to purchase it and asked an employee to take it up front for me until I checked out.

The price was $119.00.  Upon further inspection, I noticed a dent, so I asked for a discount and got an additional 10% off (I actually liked the dent).  While checking out the employee reminded me that “today is senior day”…….

Huh?????? What are you saying? I asked “what does that mean?” and she tells me if you are over 55 that you get the discount.  Well, I finally know now why I love to be over 55…… go to Home Goods on Mondays for “SENIOR DAY”……….Help me!!!

Anyhooooooooooo ……..after my defect discount, and my senior discount, my piece was under $100!  Woohoo!  So imagine my surprise when I carted it out to my car only to find out that there was no way in hell that piece was going in.  So now what? Back home to get my partner in crime (bungie cords in tow).  Needless to say, we drove in the right lane all the way home with my dented tin medallion floating on top, and I had no idea if I was even going to like it.   (Of course I did not share this with Mark).

I got it home, and you guessed it………hated it.  But I knew I would have to make it work as soon as Mark announced that he liked it.  So, it sat for 2 days leaning against the wall where it was to be hung.  A few days later Mark came up with the idea of framing it.  I loved that idea and off to Home Depot we went……(Mark’s favorite store also with the work Home in it).   After a lot of hammering out in his man cave, and several days later he produced the perfect frame for my art work.

I set to work on getting the gold out and toning down the green.  After a bit of whitewashing and making a mess……I liked the final look of my medallion…….



I got most of the shiny gold rubbed out and it looked a bit more like an old piece of concrete with a bit of copper shining through.   I was satisfied.

Next, I had a can of  Behr, (not beer!) Cottage White paint left over from another project, so I primed and then painted two coats on the frame that Mark built.

That night Mark did “the installation” of our project and I have to say………



ok………..that’s it for this week.  My sister Ginger came in last night and will be here for a week! Off to the beach……..where I will draw inspiration for next weeks blog!

See you then!

2 thoughts on “the perfect frame up!

  1. Oh Joyceee! It looks perfect there!!! It was not perfect until you and Mark worked the magic to get it to the final product! Can’t wait to come back and see it!! Hope you and Ginger are having a wonderful visit!!!

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