HOORAY for the RED,WHITE & YOU!!!!


Memorial Day is a special day to honor every single soldier that has served and continues to serve our country.  It’s a day to remember those we have loved, and lost.

Since I post a blog every Monday, I decided my way to honor our country, and soldiers is to do in Red, White and Blue.  Stars and stripes forever!

Spend time with family, count your blessings today!

This spring, stripes are especially popular in a wide variety.

swell 7


This is a fabulous maxi dress for the entire summer!

Love the v-neckline and layered with a long pendant is just perfect!

I recently stumbled on a site called SWELL………

OMG, the cutest stuff that won’t break the bank, but will have you feeling comfy and cozy all year long!   I think of my clients that are running to and from to get the kids……..this website is perfect for them.  Check it out!  Swell.com





I love this Captain America apron and if I had a place in on the shores of Nantucket decorated by, let’s say, Nate Berkus, I would wear this apron while hosting my guests.

Captain America Apron


flag scarf


I will definitely be purchasing this scarf for my summer barbecues and parties.  It is just perfect for wrapping up when the sun goes down.





stripe and red shoes

This is a perfect little ensemble. A pair of red patent leather ballet flats, a stiped short sleeve knit and some Ray Bans.  Take with you for the day a small bag to hold your sunscreen and necessities.

Jeans, depending on the weather, your j brand boy shorts would be perfect!




This is Picture Perfect for the holiday.  A flag chambray shirt over a white t shirt and a denim skirt.

A great patriotic way to layer it!





5 ways to rock red


Wherever you enjoy your summer fun, holidays or not, don’t leave home without your Grandma’s awesome home made potato salad!




See you next week.  Let the summer begin, WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

HI-JEAN jacket!

jjj0A perfect jean jacket will take you just about anywhere.  It is timeless and good for all ages, provided you use it wisely!  For twenty and thirty somethings…….pairing it with a mini dress is beyond chic!  And she has everything she could possibly need in that bag  …….my guess would be a pair of black sky high sandals, and a Lauren Merkin clutch to wear on her date tonight.   Files?  Paperwork?  …..all on a click of her IPAD.


I love this look……she woke up a half hour ago, no time to shower, so why not throw on this adorable cap?  She layers on her new striped t-shirt, and black sanctuary pants. Makeup, who needs it?  Grab a pair of sunglasses, and off to drop the kids at school.  The other moms wonder how she always manages to look so stylish…….It’s the Jean Jacket of course!   What do you suppose she has in the bag?  My guess? She’s on the way to Pilates class, then meeting up with her new business partner at Starbucks!

This week, I’ve shopped around for some awesome looks, and even include the vendor to make it easy for you to find online!

Have fun, and remember that one or two jean jackets are really all you will ever need!

Reporting from Northern Wisconsin……..see ya next week!


I prefer to stay neutral……

jenn2 Summer is on the way,….though I know my Midwestern friends are beginning to wonder about that.  But it will be here……Are you ready? Before packing the winter blues away, don’t be afraid to keep out some of those easy layering pieces like this fabulous Chanel sweater…… khaki chanel   Tunic? Over a pencil skirt maybe?  Over some plushy leggings for lounging around on a Sunday? Over white skinny jeans!!! That’s the ticket. Anyways….sweaters like this one should never be packed away! Ever!       An easy basic cardigan is another classic staple.  Several colors are ok.  Preferably pima cotton for hot summer nights, or 100% cashmere for breezy evenings and chilly air conditioned restaurants. white and khaki   Who wouldn’t want to sport this easy khaki sweater over a white pajama top and jeans? Fabulous!     Or how about a perfect little white cotton pique dress, with a skinny leather belt and nude platform wedges.  So easy and fresh looking!  Layer a cardigan over it and you are ready for anything!  Love this look.

  white is right

  Afraid of white?  Don’t love cotton?  Find a nice, easy silk dress with a flirty skirted bottom.  This one is ideal. The neckline screams for a great piece of jewelry.  Wear ballet flats or your big girl shoes…….either works……you will be comfortable in this style dress for years to come.  The neutral tan color works on most skin tones, but is fabulous on pale blondes, redheads or brunettes……it’s a sure bet! khaki dress Wow!  Perfect little khaki pencil skirt, with a simple white blouse…….add a black belt and a pair of awesome leather heels……easy black…..maybe open toe or why not a smoking hot pair of Louboutin classic pumps? khaki chic ummmmmm, these will work.   loubit   summer looks I love this whole look, for a day out and about.  Networking comes to mind.  I mean, who wouldn’t take you serious with this getup? Simple, classic jackets are the perfect wardrobe staple.  Any style in khaki you will always feel chic! Orange jeans?  Why not?  And don’t forget the accessories!  A perfect animal print scarf and a pair of chocolate wedges I am sure!  Handbag could be brown, or nude or metallic…..       White t-shirt White t-shirt White t-shirt White t-shirt White t-shirt   white and k   I am sure I have said it a thousand times!  It’s a no brainer! I like this contrast, off white by James Perse!  It also comes in all white.       See you next week!