HI-JEAN jacket!

jjj0A perfect jean jacket will take you just about anywhere.  It is timeless and good for all ages, provided you use it wisely!  For twenty and thirty somethings…….pairing it with a mini dress is beyond chic!  And she has everything she could possibly need in that bag  …….my guess would be a pair of black sky high sandals, and a Lauren Merkin clutch to wear on her date tonight.   Files?  Paperwork?  …..all on a click of her IPAD.


I love this look……she woke up a half hour ago, no time to shower, so why not throw on this adorable cap?  She layers on her new striped t-shirt, and black sanctuary pants. Makeup, who needs it?  Grab a pair of sunglasses, and off to drop the kids at school.  The other moms wonder how she always manages to look so stylish…….It’s the Jean Jacket of course!   What do you suppose she has in the bag?  My guess? She’s on the way to Pilates class, then meeting up with her new business partner at Starbucks!

This week, I’ve shopped around for some awesome looks, and even include the vendor to make it easy for you to find online!

Have fun, and remember that one or two jean jackets are really all you will ever need!

Reporting from Northern Wisconsin……..see ya next week!


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