oh my…….Gauze!!!!!

gauzeyThere is nothing I enjoy more in the summertime, than a pair of easy, white, gauze drawstring pants.

Come July and August, when it’s 95 and steamy out…….after a day in the sun, just out of the shower………..ahhhhhh!  So chic!

oh my gauze!

Add just a simple, silk tank layered on top?  How bout this gauze and silk tank by Valentino? Yummy!

valentino silk gauze tank


Why not wear some big light gold hoops? I love the 18K hoops by Lana. I have the sterling silver ones at the top, and the 18K gold ones at the bottom, and every time I wear them I always get a compliment!

lana earrings


Here in SW Florida, beach and gauze go hand in hand.  So why not bring some of these classic, comfortable and fabulous items to the Midwest?

It is no surprise to me that Free People has the most fashionable gauze pieces.         Here is their Sam dress, in gauze and embroidered cotton.  Amazing!

I was surprised though, that Garnet Hill had some awesome little dresses!   I have never placed an order through them but I just might after viewing some of their gauze dresses.

garnet hill gauzegarnet againOne of each please!

Love them!





How about a little cashmere cardi to top it off?


Take a look at all the colors on their site.

Long on luxury and style, the simple cardi becomes a summer staple with a low V-neck and elbow-length sleeves. In a fresh bunch of colors from aqua to violet, it’s the perfect piece to pair with shorts, jeans, skirts or sundresses. I love that it has 3/4 length sleeves!  So sporty.

I suggest the Gray, Orange and Black…..but that lavender…….mmmmm!   Button front. Patch pockets. Hip length. 100% cashmere.  Who knew?

Now……how about some fabulous accessories to top off your summer solid basics?

I love the Betty Split Scarf from www.lemlem.com


I mean, think of the multiple uses you could have with this gorgeous scar!.  The colors are neutral, and you can use it as a sarong, a bandeau, a shawl……..the list goes on!

The iconic split scarf is actually two complimentary scarves sewn together leaving a split in the center for your head. The scarf goes over your head and then drapes around your neck.

– Care: Hand wash or dry clean – Handmade in Ethiopia $170.00

Or how about some solids to wear with just about anything?  These you can find most anywhere for under $30.  Try tjmaxx or Target!


As for hats……..keep it simple with a great pair of shades! I just recently purchased these Kate Spade New York Briar sunglasses at bloomingdale’s for $158 plus my 15% back office discount.   Love them!

khaki hatnew york Briar.....Polarized 158






                                                                                                                                                             Let’s finish with a fabulous summer tote, and by all means don’t forget your wooden bangles!

13eb2231eddfeb1282a8f6a9e3e30383into the woods...........

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I love anything made from wood. Last Christmas my husband bought me a coveted watch made all from polished wood.   Priceless!

That’s it for this winter season 2012 spent in SW Florida.  My husband and I will be heading home to Wisconsin, Tuesday, May 14.

This first crack at retirement has been filled with new friends, and even a new BFF in North Carolina! I am pretty sure, I have never been happier or more fulfilled!


Blessings indeed!

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  1. GREAT photo of you and your wonderful husband. ; ) What an incredible cook! Enjoyed my time with you guys and with Maggie too. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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