add a “little cover up!”

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS……….that I have an absolute obsession with textiles.

I also refer to them as “my blanket collection” or my covers.  I am up to about 33 different assorted, little colorful pieces that I consider my art, especially at my cabin in Northern Wisconsin.  A final resting place for my textile collection that spans almost 50 years.


I even have my baby blanket, which was a flannel rose patterned twin size cover withsatin trim all around the edges.  The trim is very frayed and worn, but it is soft and comforting just the same…………but on to the title of this blog……..Cover it UP!

Or Tunics if you will.

This week, I decided to head south to another favorite hang out that I frequented before I became a personal shopper at the B.

Neiman Marcus

I may have unfairly stated that Bloomingdale’s is by far the best place to shop on the avenue.

I mean, what do I really know?  I live in Wisconsin for pete’s sake.  Sheesh!

So, I decided to look to Neiman’s for some amazing tunics………aka…….beach coverups, aka middle aged tops to go over leggings, (what?  It’s the truth and you know it!)………it’s all the same, but like I said…..”what do I know?”

This summer, if you want to be prepared for almost anything……..get a couple of tunics!  You can do so much with them in a pinch.

Most of them have sleeves, for those afternoon events that are air conditioned.

Most of them are forgiving, for those nights you want pasta on top of a bottle of wine and a basket of bread, and most of them add a bit of color, ethnicity, and personality to your lifestyle.

Here are a few of my favorite picks by some old friends that once had me at hello…….

jpgaultier 695Jean Paul Gaultier – $695 This tunic is all grown up but I would wear it with some skinny jeans and Louboutins and walk up and down Michigan Avenue with my hand on my hip! So Chic!

hanro 180Here is a fabulous layering piece by Hanro. Who knew?  $185 and so luxurious to wear with almost anything.  Neiman’s has amazing intimate apparel if you can’t afford the items downstairs.    You could do most of your everyday shopping right in the one section!  Well……..just sayin!

a and o 275Alice and Olivia is really a favorite of mine.  You can throw this on and go to the baby shower and the beach on the same Sunday.  Aren’t all of your bff’s events on every Sunday of your most important summer of your life?

derek lam 890My favorite by far.  This tunic is by Derek Lam.  Incredibly understated and so very sexy and timeless.  $890

donna karan 995What do you mean that is not a tunic?  It is so totally covering her butt!    Donna Karan $995

alex mcqueenAlexander Mcqueen hot pink silk tunic……..Priceless….and a must for your closet.

trina turk malibu gold 140Here is Trina Turk. Color and style.  Wear over white skinny jeans or nothing at all as shown here.  Gorgeous.

tory burch pearl tunic 207I love this Tory Burch.  Don’t love her handbags, but you don’t have to worry about stumbling into Tory Burch handbags at Neiman’s!  However, if you are shopping in handbags at Neiman’s, you’d better have your emotions in tact………

DANGER..WILL ROBINSON!  You don’t know what that means……… you?

The good news?   You will covet your bag from Neiman’s forever.

ted baker 255Let’s wrap this up with a little mellow yellow…….Ted Baker really does a perfect silk blouse that you can wear year after year.  The novelty of the collection is so on target, yet the prices will allow you to ……….you guessed it………pick up the Chloe bag you saw down on the first floor.

I am going to end with another of my favorite cover ups.  A lovely shade of green with a tulip smack dab in the middle!   If you want to place an order, head north 360 miles and get off at the Chetek exit.  You will find me in town at one of the local garage sales scouting for ………..your guessed it…..more cover ups!


This fall, I plan to catch Last Call at Neiman’s, and of course the Labor Day sale at Bloomingdale’s.  For me……I will be shopping for fall clothes which in Chicago, are summer clothes.  What a bargain!  I get my fall wardrobe for Florida at final reductions.

See you next week!   Thanks for coming……..Joyce

Get Shorty!

car crash

Shorts are back in style in a sexy, new and exciting way.  Here in 1937, they made their debut somewhere in the city of Toronto!  A car crashes, the whistles were loud and the twins ………well, they met two brothers (also twins) and lived happily ever after.


way to wearToday, white bermudas are still my favorite shorts.  These are skinny bermudas which are so flattering to all body types.  I love the easy style this model has while adding a loafer and a simple lightweight cashmere vneck.  All by Theory~


marc by marc seersucker stripe knit 148

If you have gorgeous legs like this model……Marc by Marc Jacobs is here for you.  This is a great color, and looks amazing with her nude color block sandals, also by Marc.  I would make it simple on top……a white t shirt of course……or even a crisp white cotton sleeveless shirt.  Timeless.



If you have a lot of patterned tops, by all means wear them!  Here you can grab a neutral pair of drawstring shorts……these by Oneill for under $100.  So easy and comfy too!   Simple on the shoe, or wear a nice woven wedge to dress it up a bit.


shorty 1

Don’t know what to do with your Dad’s varsity jacket?  How bout layering over these Joie flirty shorts and a pair of keds?  Bad hair day?  Throw on a cotton knitted cap.  You’re done~


jbrand rolled bermuda 180

OK, well I wore my Jbrand skinny shorts a bit differently last week and my girlfriend loved the look.  I mean, why not also wear your nude pumps that you bought for your best friends wedding and never wore again?  Way to get some mileage out of those! But please, put a Joie Silk blouse on top  instead of a tank top. A little floral print comes to mind for me.

joes 5 pocket faded

Here is a cute pair of Joe’s 5 pocket jeans. Joe’s really did do some great shorts for this summer.  These are just great with nude sandals and a polo.

Joes jeans multi stripe 128

Yup!  Joe’s again. Sorry but they just have it going on!  If you are narrow on bottom and full on top…….these shorts are for you this summer.  On top you should stay with something dark navy or black.  A sexy low v-neck with a 3/4 sleeve and some sperry top siders would be fun.  Or throw on a sky high sandal.  Either works……wear one and pack one!


tops 2

See you next week!

Home on the range

little brown bag


This past week I had a trip down memory lane with some old friends, clients and acquaintences.

I finally returned to my favorite store in the world…………………


I was filled with so many emotions………overwhelmed as I walked through with my client Leslie and took in the new changes everywhere.  The lay of the land was no longer familair to me. Where was the shoe department?  On three?  Wow!

How I missed the familair and exciting feeling of the hunt……for the perfect this or that!

The store looks so different. Transformed and still changing, it will be by far the best place to shop on the avenue.

As I walked through the store, a few people asked me very matter of fact,

“Are you off today Joyce?”

Ha!  That was so funny to me, but I was reminded that as you go from one event to the next, time flies by and you really work in seasons when in the Retail World.

In the retirement world……..time slows down.  I like that.

I guess I am transformed too.  I liked being the customer.

As I let go of Leslie to her new Personal Shopper Zoe, my good friend and savvy shopper Michelle was there to catch me!   With a bundle of cute tops, scarves and sunglasses, the next thing I knew, I was in the shoe department hours later carrying two full bags and getting my gladiator sandals that I wanted.  ON SALE!

I was there for 5 hours.  When I got back to my digs, I had a beer and took a much needed nap!   How did I ever do that for 8-10 hours non stop?  I was exhausted!

I was soon reminded why it was time to go……to enjoy life in a new and rewarding way…….with my amazing husband, living the dream that we have worked so hard these past twenty years to go after.

But, enough about me……..let’s get on to some fun summer fashion for you!

Here are some of my favorite items that I stumbled on, while navigating through bloomingdale’s………Like no other store in the world……..

off we go

The above bag is done by Kate Spade.  How cute!!! Every season they do a catchy little theme.  I love the astro turf bag from last year.  Since I got married in 1993 and honeymooned in California………well, I guess I can justify this purchase.  $378.00, not so much……..I will check back in August on this one!

kate 298 on par florez

This little clutch is called “On Par” hence the orange golf ball on top and the actual bag, is made from what looks like a blown up golf ball!  Love it!

marc by marc hobo

I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  It comes in several colors.  I just ordered the black and gold.  I love the Fuscia but realized that I do not own a black bag!  A must have, and this one is perfect.

marc by marc jacobs 85 94

Speaking of Marc by Marc Jacobs….and perfect, this bikini is perfect for the conservative girl with the perfect body.  The top is $85, and the bottoms are $94.  Gorgeous and timeless………add it to your list.

rl cover up pants 76After a dip in the pool, head to the bar for a Margharita.  These Ralph Lauren cover ups are just perfect to wear anywhere.   For $76 they are a steal.  Throw on a long tunic and you have an outfit for dinner on the cruiseship!

juicy couture - Malibu Point 158

 Don’t forget to pack this adorable “Malibu” dress by Juicy Couture.  Dress it up with heels, or wear a ballet flats or gladiators.  So chic and perfect for travel!

madison marcus stripe 259

Another great little dress by Madison Marcus.  For $259 you get a lot of bang for your buck!  Throw a leather jacket over it and nude flats, and you have another look while traveling.

eq - venice 158

This equipment blouse is perfect with white jeans or blue jeans.  Love it with skinny shorts too!  $158

quotation red haute top 84

Another interpretation by Quotation for almost half the price at $84.  So easy and great with white shorts or skinny jeans.

parker - cove 264

This top by Parker called “cove” is ideal for any outfit.  Wear it with a white pencil skirt or over jean shorts.  Here shown with white cropped skinny jeans,  but you could also wear it to work under a summer Theory suit. I would love it with stripes.   Pricey at $264 but so many ways to get your money’s worth!

eric javits champ visor 145clarins sunscreen






Wherever you are going this summer, be sure to pack your Eric Javits visor – $145 and your Clarins sunscreen – $32.


See you next week!

a leopard never changes his spots!


“A leopard never changes its spots” is an old saying meaning that no matter how hard an individual may try to change its ways, ultimately it’s still the same leopard, with the same spots, and still the same as it was before it tried to change.

I have always loved all things animal print, but everytime at the zoo, it wasn’t the Zebra or the Lions that caught my attention.  The Leopard was my furry friend.

I decided to look at all things “Leopard,” to see if there was anything done in leopard that I did not like.  Couldn’t find it….seriously.  So here are just some of my favorite items done in a fabulous animal print, and in my case…….leopard.


When I was a baby, my mom got me a “onesie” that was made of flannel and a cute leopard print.  I am sure that I loved it.  Here is what I imagine it looked like!

baby leaopard


I must have remembered my “onesie” because I had to be a Leopard for Halloween one year.  Did I really have red hair?  Or did my mom spray it that color?  Is that me……..? ummmmm, I don’t think I was that cute. Here I am with a little Trick or Treat bag that is bigger than me!!!



Now I like to use my Louboutin bag which is still bigger than me.



Well anyhoo!!!!!  Going back to my mom, she sure loved her Leopard print lingerie.       Is this my Mother?  Wait a minute……..those weren’t her shoes!

london 1953


Here is Naomi at 41 years old………oy!  Gorgeous.  Worth thinking about getting some Leopard print lingerie isn’t it?   But then why do I keep thinking about flannel pj’s and the gym? I am such a bore!



When I turned 30, I was all in to Vintage. I bought a Red Coat and a Leopard fur hat just like the ones that Audrey wore.  I was divine, but everyone thought my dad lost his job.  My first big fashion flop!  Really, I mean when I wore my fringe vest in 72′ everyone thought I was hip!  Sigh…..



Here is a photo of my home office in my Florida home.  Of course I had to have a leopard print rug.  I mean……it really centers the room doesn’t it?

leopard office


I have this whole outfit, the ripped jeans, the animal print scarf and the Vince pale yellow sweater.  I even have the big giant tote. No, that is not me silly!   You know my hair is not long enough to put up in a bun. Sheesh!



Don’t you just love the way these towels look in my bathroom?  I love mixing it up but will always put a little leopard in there.  Why not?



I just ordered these shoes from Jimmy Choo.  What?  Why are you laughing?



I love standing at the top of my staircase in my leopard nightgown, waiting for my husband to make my dinner.

all things


Well, that’s it for this week…….everyone that knows me, also knows that my husband always makes my dinner.  As for everything else………My mother always called me a fibber.  I think of it as embellishing……..My husband just calls it selling.

but you know what they say, if you know who they are!

See you next week!!!!  I may write about Lions………