a leopard never changes his spots!


“A leopard never changes its spots” is an old saying meaning that no matter how hard an individual may try to change its ways, ultimately it’s still the same leopard, with the same spots, and still the same as it was before it tried to change.

I have always loved all things animal print, but everytime at the zoo, it wasn’t the Zebra or the Lions that caught my attention.  The Leopard was my furry friend.

I decided to look at all things “Leopard,” to see if there was anything done in leopard that I did not like.  Couldn’t find it….seriously.  So here are just some of my favorite items done in a fabulous animal print, and in my case…….leopard.


When I was a baby, my mom got me a “onesie” that was made of flannel and a cute leopard print.  I am sure that I loved it.  Here is what I imagine it looked like!

baby leaopard


I must have remembered my “onesie” because I had to be a Leopard for Halloween one year.  Did I really have red hair?  Or did my mom spray it that color?  Is that me……..? ummmmm, I don’t think I was that cute. Here I am with a little Trick or Treat bag that is bigger than me!!!



Now I like to use my Louboutin bag which is still bigger than me.



Well anyhoo!!!!!  Going back to my mom, she sure loved her Leopard print lingerie.       Is this my Mother?  Wait a minute……..those weren’t her shoes!

london 1953


Here is Naomi at 41 years old………oy!  Gorgeous.  Worth thinking about getting some Leopard print lingerie isn’t it?   But then why do I keep thinking about flannel pj’s and the gym? I am such a bore!



When I turned 30, I was all in to Vintage. I bought a Red Coat and a Leopard fur hat just like the ones that Audrey wore.  I was divine, but everyone thought my dad lost his job.  My first big fashion flop!  Really, I mean when I wore my fringe vest in 72′ everyone thought I was hip!  Sigh…..



Here is a photo of my home office in my Florida home.  Of course I had to have a leopard print rug.  I mean……it really centers the room doesn’t it?

leopard office


I have this whole outfit, the ripped jeans, the animal print scarf and the Vince pale yellow sweater.  I even have the big giant tote. No, that is not me silly!   You know my hair is not long enough to put up in a bun. Sheesh!



Don’t you just love the way these towels look in my bathroom?  I love mixing it up but will always put a little leopard in there.  Why not?



I just ordered these shoes from Jimmy Choo.  What?  Why are you laughing?



I love standing at the top of my staircase in my leopard nightgown, waiting for my husband to make my dinner.

all things


Well, that’s it for this week…….everyone that knows me, also knows that my husband always makes my dinner.  As for everything else………My mother always called me a fibber.  I think of it as embellishing……..My husband just calls it selling.

but you know what they say, if you know who they are!

See you next week!!!!  I may write about Lions………




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