add a “little cover up!”

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS……….that I have an absolute obsession with textiles.

I also refer to them as “my blanket collection” or my covers.  I am up to about 33 different assorted, little colorful pieces that I consider my art, especially at my cabin in Northern Wisconsin.  A final resting place for my textile collection that spans almost 50 years.


I even have my baby blanket, which was a flannel rose patterned twin size cover withsatin trim all around the edges.  The trim is very frayed and worn, but it is soft and comforting just the same…………but on to the title of this blog……..Cover it UP!

Or Tunics if you will.

This week, I decided to head south to another favorite hang out that I frequented before I became a personal shopper at the B.

Neiman Marcus

I may have unfairly stated that Bloomingdale’s is by far the best place to shop on the avenue.

I mean, what do I really know?  I live in Wisconsin for pete’s sake.  Sheesh!

So, I decided to look to Neiman’s for some amazing tunics………aka…….beach coverups, aka middle aged tops to go over leggings, (what?  It’s the truth and you know it!)………it’s all the same, but like I said…..”what do I know?”

This summer, if you want to be prepared for almost anything……..get a couple of tunics!  You can do so much with them in a pinch.

Most of them have sleeves, for those afternoon events that are air conditioned.

Most of them are forgiving, for those nights you want pasta on top of a bottle of wine and a basket of bread, and most of them add a bit of color, ethnicity, and personality to your lifestyle.

Here are a few of my favorite picks by some old friends that once had me at hello…….

jpgaultier 695Jean Paul Gaultier – $695 This tunic is all grown up but I would wear it with some skinny jeans and Louboutins and walk up and down Michigan Avenue with my hand on my hip! So Chic!

hanro 180Here is a fabulous layering piece by Hanro. Who knew?  $185 and so luxurious to wear with almost anything.  Neiman’s has amazing intimate apparel if you can’t afford the items downstairs.    You could do most of your everyday shopping right in the one section!  Well……..just sayin!

a and o 275Alice and Olivia is really a favorite of mine.  You can throw this on and go to the baby shower and the beach on the same Sunday.  Aren’t all of your bff’s events on every Sunday of your most important summer of your life?

derek lam 890My favorite by far.  This tunic is by Derek Lam.  Incredibly understated and so very sexy and timeless.  $890

donna karan 995What do you mean that is not a tunic?  It is so totally covering her butt!    Donna Karan $995

alex mcqueenAlexander Mcqueen hot pink silk tunic……..Priceless….and a must for your closet.

trina turk malibu gold 140Here is Trina Turk. Color and style.  Wear over white skinny jeans or nothing at all as shown here.  Gorgeous.

tory burch pearl tunic 207I love this Tory Burch.  Don’t love her handbags, but you don’t have to worry about stumbling into Tory Burch handbags at Neiman’s!  However, if you are shopping in handbags at Neiman’s, you’d better have your emotions in tact………

DANGER..WILL ROBINSON!  You don’t know what that means……… you?

The good news?   You will covet your bag from Neiman’s forever.

ted baker 255Let’s wrap this up with a little mellow yellow…….Ted Baker really does a perfect silk blouse that you can wear year after year.  The novelty of the collection is so on target, yet the prices will allow you to ……….you guessed it………pick up the Chloe bag you saw down on the first floor.

I am going to end with another of my favorite cover ups.  A lovely shade of green with a tulip smack dab in the middle!   If you want to place an order, head north 360 miles and get off at the Chetek exit.  You will find me in town at one of the local garage sales scouting for ………..your guessed it…..more cover ups!


This fall, I plan to catch Last Call at Neiman’s, and of course the Labor Day sale at Bloomingdale’s.  For me……I will be shopping for fall clothes which in Chicago, are summer clothes.  What a bargain!  I get my fall wardrobe for Florida at final reductions.

See you next week!   Thanks for coming……..Joyce

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  1. Didn’t Dolly Parton write a song about a coat she had when she was little that was sewn together by pieces of old fabric? Maybe you can do that with your textiles? 😉
    My fav tunic is the white Derek Lam…. love it!

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