……cause Red is the color………….










A King is born to England.  King George…….how adorable!

Red is back in style for fall……………Did it ever really go out of style?

Look how amazing Kate looks here in a classic Red Suit.  Add a black turtleneck, some black accessories, and so chic it is!















Speaking of chic…….have you ever seen this photo?

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Diana is absolutely glowing! As you can see, both princesses can easily look fabulous in red. Simple, no jewelry, no bangles………just RED!





Even though I don’t really wear red, I do have many items throughout my cabin that are RED.




























I just don’t wear it.

That said, I have decided that this fall season, I will purchase red sandals, a red scarf, and a red handbag.  That is going to be my contribution……..my salute to red.




I am going to start by getting this red tote bag.

Isn’t it fabulous?











I love these shoes…..you get some bang for your buck, and they are actually pretty comfortable to wear.  With the platform, it makes it a bit easier to strut your stuff!  And the snakeskin is so perfect!  Yes please!









How about a pair of Rain boots in Red?  Love this nautical look and may just have to take it to Florida in the fall.  Why not…..now let’s see……red cardigan anyone?







This is just perfect.  A splash of color to layer over most anything.  Stripes, plaids or a simple white equipment silk blouse. Done!







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I admit, I would welcome one day a week of chilly weather in Florida, so I could wear this big chunky  Dior scarf.

Love the look……..Perfect for a Chicago gal!




Is that a set of buck horns on the outside of that egg basket?  What?!?!?!?

I need this for Northern Wisconsin…….the guys will go wild!

Love it!!!! Must have it!!!





I know, I am all over the board here, but just take a look at how fabulous Whitney looks here in this lace get up, with the rockin’ red booties!   She was so gorgeous!

And that girl could SING!  Loved her.  Red, and Lace, both a trend this fall……..well, how could I pass up the opportunity to show what a true, classic beauty she was?






When I think of Red Leather, I have several picks………Here are just a few……….

The first one is definitely a bit more forward, the middle of course is a perfect layering piece to wear from desk to dinner.  The third one is cute with shorts, jeans, white, black, you name it!  That would be my choice, just a little red biker, sans the shorts.







Today is July 28.  The middle of summer.  12 noon.  54 degrees.  Here up North in Wisconsin anything goes.  So I think I will break out my favorite red Hudson Jacket, and head out to do some antiquing.





I saw a gorgeous red plaid blanket that I passed on last week. Think I will go back and see if it is still there!




Wherever you are, enjoy the weather! See you next week…..xoxo Joyce




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