I see a pattern here………….


Who doesn’t love a bouquet of flowers smack dab in the middle of their head?

And Peonies! My absolute favorite.

But, if you don’t fancy wearing them on your head, and hate to see them wither away in a vase…..well, why not pick up something floral to wear the next time you are out shopping?

Or maybe there is something already waiting in your closet?

Mixing patterns is so easy.  I fell in love with this concept while working at Neiman Marcus in Chicago from 2002-2006

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As the designer manager there, I was informed that we were going to get a new vendor known as “Etro”……….and my obsession became this amazing line!

I bought my first Etro jacket in 2004, and then my staff  gave me a gorgeous Etro scarf as a Holiday gift.

I’ll never forget my first trip to Dallas for the Neiman Marcus conclave.  Amazing gifts were waiting for you when you arrived from every vendor!   It was the highlight of the year.  My favorite gift was a yummy Etro towel with swirls, stripes, and flowers everywhere.  It became my travel blanket for years.

Ah, those were the days……Indeed!  But alas, it wasn’t all gifts and fun.

There was a price to pay back then.  Running a 15 million dollar department with the avenue’s REAL and “one of a kind” shop girls, was not a walk in the park by any means! And let’s face it…….I’m no Meryl Streep, even though I had my share of Prada back then.

But it sure did give me the training ground (or should I call it playground) for my last, final, and favorite job ever…..becoming a Personal Shopper at Bloomingdale’s.

Now……what was I talking about???? Oh yes, Etro!



How about this for mixing floral and stripes?  Love the hibiscus sunglasses!




Usually, I don’t like matchy-matchy, but here the handbag and shoes look just perfect with her floral and stripes.

Love the boyfriend jeans too!







Just love this look!

The coach bag is so classic.

Add a Toy watch and a vintage turquoise bracelet and you are set!






I love this girl.  She is adorable.

Her hair is perfect, and the belt really brings the two patterns together.

The sweet little shoes just work so well with the color of the flowers in the shirt.





This is a perfect little clutch to wear with jeans and just a little white t-shirt.  Or wear it with a gorgeous, fuscia dress, and some big girl shoes.

So cute!





Love this whole get up!

The headband and the earrings, the blouse and the shorts, and what about the amazing, whimsical satchel and the fabulous sandals?

Totally a great head to toe look.  Those high waisted shorts are classic and a trend all at the same time.











And finally……….my real obsession now that we are retired…..decorating!



















Hope you got a little inspired today, whether decorating or getting dressed for special occasion!  Have fun, be safe, and see you next week!



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