all wrapped up…………..

Heading in to Fall………we know that it is time to start thinking in terms of layers.  My friend Peggy, at DKNY does an awesome job demonstrating how to wear the Cozy.  DKNY makes the best Cozy Wrap sweaters.  Years ago, I scored one in a big chunky cashmere.  Fabulous! You can get them in silk for summer months, or for Resort travel in the winter.  All imaginable colors!

For this fall,  get the Merino wool cozy.  Charcoal Gray is my favorite. Rich in color, and it goes great with any combination you can imagine.  The black is the easy way out.  Go for the Gray!

Watch Peggy as she makes it so easy for you!  If you already have a similar sweater, try some of these easy tips and see what happens!


This next model shows you how to use 4 different shaped scarves.  It is amazing and she makes it look so easy.  So break out those Hermes scarves you have been storing in their little square boxes and start wearing them!  What in the world are you waiting for?

Don’t have Hermes?  Who cares……..just watch and be inspired.  The video is courtesy of Nordstrom but of course you can get your scarf anywhere……..maybe even right out of your closet!

That’s it for this week.  95 and humid, feeling a bit   s- l- o- w  tonight!

Next week is the holiday and we all know what that means…….Say it ain’t so!!!!

End of summer??? NOOOOOOO!!!!!  Just say NO!

You can eek out another month or two if you just go with the weather and not with the fashion trends……..but who would want to do that?

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