I FALL…….to pieces……..


Up hear in the Northwoods, the leaves are beginning to get dark, and I feel the breeze of fall days trying to sneak in, and get an early start.  It is at this time every year, that I am so torn about my closet.  I mean, I sooooo want to start wearing those new boots still in the box, and that leather jacket I bought in early spring……

But I also want to hang on to my summer just as long as I can.  We wait so long for these precious few days……June through September…..4 months of summer.

My friends in Chicago and New York are wondering “Joyce, it’s August 12….what are you talking about?”……They have been sporting around town in their new fall gear for weeks.  Some of them wear boots all summer.  It can be done in the retail world.  Inside a building, with windows only on the first floor,………you can pretend it’s cold out there! Gotta wear my layers now!

For the next few weeks, I have decided that I will build a fall capsule wardrobe……on a budget!

Just for fun………(I mean, I am in Wisconsin so cut me a break!)

1- Realistic fall budget $1,000

2 – Dream fall budget $10,000

Are you rolling your eyes?  There are many fashionistas out there, that can do it on $100 budget.  Believe me, I see it all the time.  I am a thrift store junkie after all.

But I am usually over in the home section looking for vintage “kitchen” stuff or an heirloom quilt, that some unknowing person dropped off at the back door for a donation.



My sister Pam, the amazing, talented THRIFT STORE stylist, found me this quilt for my cabin for $3…….probably from the 60’s…






Back to my wish list……..let’s start with $1,000 today!

Purses / Boots / Flats / Pants / Jeans / Blouse / Sweater / Dress / Jackets /Scarf



Here is a list of prices and where these items came from, many of them can be found at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s too!

My total came to $1056 but let’s face it, by the time you place the order there will be an additional markdown ……..happy shopping!

See you next week with the BIG BUDGET!   Heading over to Neiman’s.



































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