a very fine vintage………….




For those of you that really know me……..you know, that I would not really be writing about wine.  As much as it saddens my husband that we can’t share a glass of wine together now and then (hate it)……I just can’t do it.

So that leads me to my true passion…….vintage – fashion.  Who better to show off a fabulous sweater than Sophia Loren.  Can you imagine what it must have been like to look like that in a sweater?  The eyes, the hair…….I mean….sheesh!

Every time I run across a piece of clothing older than 1970…….I get pulled to a different time and place. So I love to look at old photos, and old movies to shop the fashions from the time.  It is incredible.

Already a collector of old woven blankets, heirloom quilts, tablecloths and linens, I am not ashamed to say I have my share of kitchy sweaters from days gone by.

And even better, if there is an animal on it, and it is old………I will buy it!   Hands down.



If I owned my own little thrift store, I would have a special area for vintage sweaters.

Each piece would have to tell a story and would speak to only a few that have some connection to it.

To make it simple……each piece would be priced at $50.

The squirrel sweater spoke to me because my mom loves squirrels, and so does my friend Betty!




This past week, Mark and I took an 8 hour drive to Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan.  The upper peninsula.  Believe it or not, the trees were already turning shades which were the colors of fine wines, and golden ales…….heavenly.

As we returned home, I realized that this is the prettiest time of year for us.  70 degrees, the air is crisp, the lake looks fresh, and the breezes in the middle of the afternoon with the sun shining down on you are just where I want to be.




I also have this same sweater in a horse version.  You have to have some variety.

Can’t you see yourself somewhere in the fall, shopping in a little town, and running across this whimsical little sweater?

I did, and I put it on and I bought it.



Adding layers is a kind of comfort I cannot describe.

Even though we leave for the sunshine state in less than two weeks, I am unwilling to part with my sweaters, boots, and cashmere scarves.  Even gloves……..I can’t let them go.  So I take them back and forth, and grab each and every opportunity to wear them.  It is rare………but I’ll be ready.




I love this silly little sweater.

Wear it as a dress with tights and some fun boots.

















I’m thinking about it.

Now that I am retired, I mean c’mon!!!!

I have to wear a Christmas sweater when I get on the bus to go to the outlet mall!







Uh……what’s up doc!

Funny bunny!

I love this one!








and keeps things









Subtle…….but adorable!

















Don’t forget your little baby!




For more fun and different sweaters this fall…..check out


Hope you had a great summer!  I know I did…….see you next week!