LOVE?……..or not so much?

not so much 20

Maybe, I am really letting go in my retirement……or maybe, I see what I see……

The question is……DO YOU see what I see?

Street Style: London Fashion Week                   Spring 2014 was on the runway but Fall was in the air.

Statement coats galore.

…….but this is a housecoat, is it not?



See if you agree.  I had to post my voice here for you to get the real effect.  My apologies ahead of time if any of you gals from London see this.

I know you all secretly read my blog!  Why don’t you just comment?  I know you love it!!! Sheesh!


love 10


She’s adorable, love the new twist on the bunhead and love the monochromatic thing she’s got goin on!







……….not so much

not so much 13


now what do you suppose is going on here?

It is a sort of Bumble Bee takes on plaid look.

Even the glasses are a bit buggy no?






love 1


This is a great way to look fabulous in a suit that would normally be………well, a suit.

This girl knows how to show off the abs that she works so hard for.  Love the shoes too!

Makes it all not too serious.

Hopefully she is on her way to a photo shoot and not to an interview.



not so much………

not so much 17


Not even sure what is going on here.

She seems to be wrestling with her LA style cap.

Not sure what she had in the shorts, but I think she has them on backwards, don’t you?






love 4


She just looks chic and put together.

Way to rock the white pants.  We all have a pair or two, just ready to break out…….but why do we always reach for something else?

This works! 100%  Love the shoes and the bag is perfect.



not so much……….

not so much 16


She is so uncomfortable right now.  Surrounded by the “Style Spotter” photographers…….

She is thinking…”I am so busted!  Just on my way home at 7am…Good thing I buttoned up……wish I would have thrown on a scarf…..sunglasses maybe?”





love 5


I don’t know…….I love it.

Love the coat, love the jacket, love the clutch, and love the shorts and easy soft t-shirt!

The boots are fabulous and really work with this look.

Well done.



not so much……

not so much 2

“let’s see….oh, here is that denim jacket that I couldn’t find in 1989!  Awesome, my dad’s old cowboy hat!  Woopie!

This skirt is so big……if I roll it up and pin it maybe it will work…….

Can I really wear socks with these shoes?  I saw it in Glamour yesterday, and the model looked good.

oh, oh, oh!  My necklace from my neighbor’s mom! Perfect!”



love 6


This is just adorable all the way around!

Love the Fur and the Leather together.

A little splash of animal print is always in style.

But the gorgeous smile says it all.

Confident, happy and fabulous!



not so much……..

not so much 14


“Well I tried to get my pants tucked in and they just wouldn’t stay!

Then I tried to get my jeans to just go over the tan part, but that wasn’t happening…….I’m melting….

……, whatdoyathink?”





love 9


Love Love Love this whole get up!

I always prefer the black tights to finish a look like this.  Sometimes, bare legs just doesn’t cut it!

The sweater is perfect with this all black ensemble.




not so much………..

not so much 19


Gloria was so drunk in this photo that she opted for a lean in on this column.

A few minutes later she stumbled home to get some sleep.





and more not so much……….

not so much 8not so much 3









SEE……… next time!  And watch out for the style spotters!  They could be in your neck of the woods next!

xo Joyce



3 thoughts on “LOVE?……..or not so much?

  1. Too funny!
    LOVE it!!! Especially the Clare Vivier leopard clutch. Searched high and low for that one and was surprised to find it in a nice black and white box at my doorstep from my best friend.

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