and……… top it off!!!!

Here in Florida, you are likely to see most boutiques showcasing a variety of items, in tons of different colors.

They all seem like some version of a Tory Burch or Lilly Pulitzer tunic.

colorful topsDon’t misunderstand me!….I love color…..It really does show your personality in the items you select.  But I always go back to black.

Working for so many years at Saks, Neiman’s and Bloomingdale’s, on Michigan avenue in Chicago, well……that is just the way it was.

At Bloomingdale’s, black is the dress code. You can wear a white top, a cream top or powder blue.  Powder Blue?  Not so much.



Did you ever notice how you are always struggling when getting ready for a simple, casual affair?  Do you know why?  I will tell you why.  It is because you don’t have enough tops.  Go to items that can look great with a Chanel Bag, under a business suit or with a pair of jeans.  That is what you need, plain and simple.

If you run in to me now……today, I will not be wearing black (most likely). But I did spend this past month in search of a few good go to type tops.  And I am happy to say, that I now have some options.  So I can sleep at night.

I bought this Red Equipment blouse, but I don’t wear it with Army green shorts and booties.  Should I?















The other day I ran in to the salon…. (yes, I have a part time job at one)……great benefits ladies!  Anyhoo……I had on a lightweight, white linen shirt jacket, and my linen Burberry nova check scarf.  It was 79 degrees.  The girls asked me if I was expecting a cold front?


C’mon!  I think I look pretty good don’t you? Even in air conditioning, it is pretty warm here.  So layering is lovely, but just not at all necessary.

top 7

That’s what I said!  WHY?

So now I can just wear my WHY       t-shirt which has long sleeves!        Yes I really did buy it.

To protect my skin from uv rays silly!


That my friend, is always in fashion.


I am obsessed with a big white shirt but have to drop about 10 more pounds so that I don’t look like I am trying to cover something up.  It’s not easy but so far I am down 8 pounds since we got here on October 1.

After 50, life is cruel and unkind when it comes to your wardrobe options.  Any thing with lycra in it is your friend, basically. 


I love the idea of topping it off with a big chunky scarf!  Hope you are taking advantage of this in Chicago ladies!   I’m a little bit jealous.

I will just leave the sweater, and the scarf behind, head to the beach, and wear my tank top. No problem!
tops 2

These two girls have it all!  Love the whole get up.  If I had to choose one top, I would take the green one. Anthropologie has some really cute Boho tops like these shown here. I picked up a few at their end of season sale.

The bright one looks like a vintage bowling shirt but I am sure it is not.

Each one sports a logo…….little Hermes’ belt and adorable Chanel cross body.  Nicely done indeed!

top 93

If I had the chance to wear this gorgeous cashmere sweater……I would wear it everyday.  It looks so soft. Probably TSE Cashmere would be my best guess.

Since weather is not permitting,  I’ll just get the handbag, which will look great with my nude color Joie silk blouse. That will really TOP IT OFF!


Because today is Veterans Day, I am going to break out one of my favorite Vintage Sweaters.  I just love how soft it is.  It looks awesome with my Joes boyfriend jeans.

summer in the winter


















I am thinking about wearing this for New Years Day.  What do you think?  I have a group coming over to play Canasta, and Mark is going to wheel out the beverage cart.  What fun will that be?


vintage beverage cart















Don’t you just love the holidays?  What fun it is to put up lights and wait for the sun to go down so you can sit out on the patio and have a Pimms!

Here’s to ya! See you next week, but no later than some time in December!

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