Along the way, I have had the opportunity to meet some fabulous clients.  Here is what a few of them have to say………..

“Joyce provided expert services in helping me to sell some of my possessions on eBay.  She was knowledgeable about the market, appropriate pricing, the best methodology of sale, and forthright about items that were not likely to sell.  The entire process was quick and efficient. It was a pleasure working with Joyce. I’d do it again (and probably will!) and would gladly recommend her services to anyone I know. Her skills and integrity are unfortunately rare in this day and age!” Ann F. Bradenton, FL.

 Joyce Sobczyk is a true professional, bringing experience, energy, excellent communication and planning skills, with a precise ability to conceptualize and implement my organizational projects. Joyce has surpassed my expectations with her ” can- do” attitude, attention to detail, and impressive commitment to (my) client satisfaction.
She has been instrumental to getting some tough organizational projects off the ground for and to completion! I highly recommend Joyce without reservation.                                      Kay – Venice, FL.

I called Joyce out of desperation… I have a five bedroom home that was bursting at the seams.  Joyce came and did a walk through and summarized the plan and reassured me it wasn’t bad at all…..my next visit was awesome.   Joyce got straight to work on the kitchen.  The results were mind blowing.   My counters were clear of clutter, my ‘stuff’ had a place and I could breathe.  Subsequent visits brought all focus rooms together, creating spaces that were de-cluttered, functional and inviting.  Joyce is great at keeping focused, listening to her clients and at managing  the cost of projects.  She is talented  at repurposing items already in your home.  I would highly recommend Joyce.   She was great inspiration for me to enjoy my space again.  Her exceptional eye for detail makes her an asset on any project.  P.S. I have also maintained the spaces!!  Big plus.      Lesley – Venice, FL.

I had the dilemma of sorting my wardrobe for a 2 month road trip, which involved packing clothes for business and casual and in two different climates…Florida and NYC this past winter!   Joyce did a phenomenal job of going through everything, helping me put the right outfits together, including accessories….like scarves.   She even helped me let go of the “has beens” and decide which needed to be consigned and/or donated.   She did this all in a few hours.   She’s beyond amazing and so talented!      Mara – Northport, FL.

My husband and I were overwhelmed after our move from Manhattan, to the Sarasota area. As soon as I read Joyce’s blogs and bio, I knew she would be the one to help.  Over the course of many months, we worked together and toward the grand culmination of an Estate Sale.  She organized, researched, advertised and scheduled everything.  We had everything from fine artwork and antiques to household items that needed a new home.  The sale was an amazing success, everything sold!   What a find Joyce is!  I would recommend her to anyone dealing with the organization or disposition of their households and closets.  Five stars!!                 Kathleen – Nokomis Florida  

  I chose Joyce because I needed to find someone who was experienced in downsizing. She advertised her business explaining that she personally downsized tremendously. And wow, did she come through! On the day of my move, Joyce was there explaining to the movers what was going to happen during the day. I’m sure the movers appreciated her clarity and the system that both she and I created.  The first day after my move, I had an important task I had to do. So I had to leave Joyce on her own to new begin unpacking and organizing things. Four hours later when I returned Joyce showed me how she had already organized my bathroom and kitchen.   I recommend Joyce to anyone needing a huge helping hand with organizing their homes.  –  Arlene – Sarasota, Florida

Very professional, effective and friendly.  We got the job done with many laughs along the way. As a full time resident of Florida, I return to DC to work as a consultant for a year leaving my husband and cats behind. When I returned to Florida I had over 50 boxes of stuff shipped to Florida and also had to telecommute full-time. And I had no time to unpack and get organized. As a control freak it was hard for me to let someone else unpack, but very quickly I came to trust Joyce’s instincts. In a surprisingly short time my 50 boxes disappeared. Having yo-yoed with my weight, my entire life, I had over three closet full of clothes with varying sizes. Joyce’s advice on what to keep what to donate what to trash was invaluable. The best part was all donated items she dealt with by taking to appropriate places.She is now not only my favorite contractor, she is my friend.    Joan – Northport, FL.

Below are testimonials from clients that shopped with me at Bloomingdale’s. I often return to Chicago for blocks of time to visit family and friends. When in Chicago, my calendar is busy working for client’s there too!

“I love my new closet, well, my old closet but improved!! I was using 2 closets, one for winter and one for summer until Joyce arrived. After culling out lots of things I was never wearing that were just taking up space, I can now fit all of my clothes into one closet. Everything is at my fingertips! It’s great for traveling to different climates, no more pacing back and forth between closets for packing. Joyce worked on accessorizing some of the things I hadn’t worn in a while and, “Voila”, I have new outfits by combining things I already had! When we were done organizing, we accessed what was missing in my wardrobe, and decided on a few key pieces that I needed. Ginny – Northbrook, IL.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Joyce Sobczyk… She has truly transformed my closet… I actually enjoy opening my closet door now!  She has an amazing eye, and even coached me on how to wear pieces I already had but had no idea what to do with them.  Some pieces were made new and fresh with Joyce’s spot-on ideas for tailoring.  She also has excellent ideas for closet organization to make it easier to pull together things quickly… It is such a treat, and such a refreshing change, to be able to pull together flattering, stylish outfits so easily.  And I am surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your day-to-day in terms of confidence…”      Lynne G. – Chicago, IL. 

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, put yourself in the firm but gentle hands of the Closet Consult Joyce Sobczyk.    She can do it all:  inventory a home, organize a home, pack a home, hire movers, find a storage space.  She has helped me do all these items and more and remains in active contact so that you can maintain your new organizational system.  Whether you want to be involved in every step or have someone comfortable in taking over the whole project, Joyce is the perfect resource.  I would give her my highest recommendation.  – Rachel K.- Chicago, IL.

“Joyce came to my house last fall and helped me pare down my closet. It was a liberating experience!… She helped me decide what I should keep and what I needed to buy to complete my wardrobe. It is so nice to have a clean, organized closet – containing the main items that I wear everyday… ” – Ann Z.

“Joyce is a very efficient, creative and thoughtful personal shopper who takes her job seriously and is also most thoughtful and attentive.” – Marion – Chicago, IL.

“After hearing my friend Ann RAVE about Joyce, her stylist for several years, I knew I had to meet her…Joyce literally made me fall in love with my closet all over again after purging 5 garbage bags full of clothes, coats, purses and shoes. Not only that but, she showed me how to update a half a dozen suits that I couldn’t let go of after I stopped working, and also showed me how to style with flair the remaining clothes in my closet! …I’m a convert to the whole experience, and will never make
a major clothing investment again without an expert eye on fit and style!”                                       Joyce – Riverside, IL. 

“Joyce is knowledgeable in the latest fashion and helps you obtain a wardrobe within your price range. She creatively enables her clients to explore new areas of fashion and make high-quality, good-value selections that complement and expand their wardrobes. She is an exceptional listener and uses information from a variety of sources to make recommendations across all fashion areas. Joyce has been an invaluable resource for me as I transition professionally and seek to round out my dressed-up look, as well as complement my casual outfits.”     Pat – Battle Creek, Mi.

“…I had never worked with a personal shopper before… Joyce made me feel comfortable and took extra time to speak with me and understand my preferences. In addition to her  – positive energy, what further impressed me about Joyce was her versatility in working with clients… Over my time spent with Joyce I have made purchases that range from a finely fitted tuxedo, all the way down to the most casual sandals… I recommend her to other people of all different ages and in all different points of life…”  –  Mark L.- Chicago, IL. 

“…Joyce is the BEST. From every possible standpoint – style, cost, time, and value, Joyce nails the perfect outfit at the most reasonable price.  Until I was introduced to Joyce, I experimented with personal shoppers at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom. All nice people but frankly, they just weren’t a great fit. These days, my shopping experience is entirely different. I visit Joyce four times a year. She picks out the best work and play outfits for me at the best price. Voila! After 60 minutes with Joyce, I am set for the season. In the simplest terms, if you are able to score an appointment with Joyce, you will be delighted.”   Maggie – Chicago, IL.

 “From the minute I started working with Joyce, I knew that she would have a huge impact on my life and lifestyle. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend shopping (aka: searching), Joyce has been instrumental in keeping me on top of the trends! … I was married recently and Joyce orchestrated my bridesmaids dresses, shoes, etc and searched high and low to ensure that we had correct sizes, accessories- THE WORKS. Most of my (very large) family has now come to rely on Joyce for her expertise. What a luxury it is to have her! I would recommend Joyce to anyone needing to save time, get great customer service (always with a smile), and step out on the town looking hot!” – Martha – Chicago, IL.

Just add a pop of color;” “Have the dress, before you have the occasion…” These are some of the tips that are part of Joyce’s friendly dialogue; while she is pulling together the perfect clothes, shoes, and accessories for me, my daughter and recently my sister. Joyce is a fashion genius! 

 “Joyce flew to my home last Sept. and in 1 day reorganized my 6ft x 11ft closet that was jam packed… In a very logical and systematic way she emptied the entire closet, cleaned it, and sifted through each item.  She reviewed with me what to toss, keep or donate.  She then had me try on every clothing item and explained why it worked or didn’t for me… After the closet was done, Joyce pulled together multiple (approx. 20) outfits completely accessorized and took photos which I uploaded to my computer and now have as reference… She has helped me with my wardrobe for several years finding me fabulous pieces as well as wardrobe essentials at the best prices…”  –  Leslie S.- Centralia, Mo. 


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